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VooDoo is a traditional spiced rum, yet the first to be made using ''barrel aged'' Virgin Island rum. The oak barrel aging process mellows the rum, and adds a smooth, distinctive taste
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Voodoo Spiced Rum 750ml
VooDoo is a traditional spiced rum, yet the first to be made using "barrel aged" Virgin Island rum. The oak barrel aging process mellows the rum, and adds a smooth, distinctive taste
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SKU: 0885120750
Price: $19.99
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10 Cane uses first press cane juice: the purest, most flavorful juice extracted from hand-harvested Trinidadian sugar cane.
10 Cane Rum 750ml
SKU 8807616444
$24.99 DETAILS
Abuelo Anejo 7 Year 750ml
SKU 8829111035
$25.99 DETAILS
Abuelo Anejo 7 Year 750ml
SKU 8829101232
$20.99 DETAILS

Abuelo Anejo Rum has a caramel and wood spice flavor.  This rum comes from Panama, and is a favorite of the country.
Abuelo Anejo Rum 750ml
SKU 8829110005
$14.99 DETAILS

Highly Recommended - Coppery/tawny appearance. The alluring aroma is floral (think violets) at first, then it turns bean-like and pleasantly nutty after about five minutes. The palate entry is keenly astringent while at the midpalate point a baked nuttiness comes on strongly in bitter tastes of molasses and oak. Aftertaste is long, sap-like, sugary and dry.
Appleton Estate Vx Rum...
SKU 3619100340
$20.99 DETAILS

Bacardi 151 rum is not for the faint hearted. 

151 contains the craft and the authentic credentials of a great Bacardi rum but it's the one that lives on the wild side. 

151 is definitely a drink that harkens back to the days when rum was consumed by men bent on having a premium, high-proof golden rum.
Bacardi Rum 151 750ml
SKU 8048009540
$24.99 DETAILS

Features a unique blend of strawberries and sweet, exotic dragonfruit.
Bacardi Rum Flavors Dr...
SKU 8048000027
$19.99 DETAILS

Features the ripe, full-flavor of juicy watermelon mixed with smooth Bacardi Rum.
Bacardi Rum Flavors Gr...
SKU 8048040154
$19.99 DETAILS

Coconut rum is nothing new. Bacardi has been making it for ages. But this isn't regular coconut rum. It's Bacardi Rock Coconut. What sets Bacardi Rock Coconut apart is the combination of coconut juice with rock melon, a fruit indigenous to India and Africa. The combination of the two flavors gives the new Rock Coconut rum a crisp, smooth taste. Mix it with cola or pineapple juice for a zesty cocktail.
Bacardi Rum Flavors Ro...
SKU 8048040164
$19.99 DETAILS

Mixes Barbados cherries with the Torch Plant aloe to create a smooth cherry finish.
Bacardi Rum Flavors To...
SKU 8048000098
$19.99 DETAILS

BACARDI Gold rum is the distinctive, smooth, and mellow golden rum that delivers subtle flavour and classic BACARDI quality. It is the perfect BACARDI rum for those who enjoy the relaxed, good fun, and fine times that being with friends is all about, and mixing it with cola or with juices gives it that special Caribbean feeling.
Bacardi Rum Gold 750ml
SKU 8048002540
$17.99 DETAILS

BACARDI Silver (Superior) is the world's great brand of rum. It is classic BACARDI rum, the soul of the BACARDI brand - youthful, high-quality, sociable, sensual and passionate. BACARDI Silver is the main bearer of BACARDI's authenticity, origin and craft; it has carried the BACARDI Bat Device as its symbol since 1862. Its personality is that of the Latin Caribbean...which provides the Brand with a unique point of view on life.
Bacardi Rum Superior 7...
SKU 8048001540
$17.99 DETAILS

The finish is powerful and complex, with some notes of roasted, cooked fruits (prunes), and citrus fruits compote (orange marmalade)
Barbancourt Rum 5 Star...
SKU 8976887331
$24.99 DETAILS

Bacardi Arctic Grape takes the familiar taste of white grape and adds a contemporary twist by exploring the mixable qualities of the lingonberry. The strong aroma of white grapes and bold berry taste will tantalize your palate beyond your grape-est expectations. As the first white grape-infused rum on the market, Bacardi Arctic Grape has a distinguished taste and a dynamic spirit that can be enjoyed alone or in a variety of cocktails
Barcardi Rum Artic Gra...
SKU 8048040171
$19.99 DETAILS

Our premium rums rest and are aged for years in a sequence of American Whiskey, re-charred American Whiskey, Sherry and Port Barrels. Each one of the barrels contributes their own flavor and aromatic characteristics, creating a complex and well-balanced rum unique to Botran. Every barrel is cared for and sampled regularly to ensure the nurturing process results in a perfectly balanced, full bodied rum.
Botran Rum Solera 750ml
SKU 9901300062
$33.99 DETAILS

While upholding the uncompromised quality that is synonymous with the Captain Morgan name, the new blend has a pleasant and robust taste balanced with delicious spices, and is a great alternative for Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum drinkers who are looking for a full-flavored taste.
Captain Morgan 100 Pro...
SKU 8200074198
$26.99 DETAILS

A top secret mix of exotic island spices indigenous to the Caribbean, fruit flavours and vanilla is blended with the rum mixture during the final stages of production. The result is a rum of distinctive and satisfying flavour.
Captain Morgan Rum 750ml
SKU Captain Morgan Rum 750 ml
$25.99 DETAILS

Rich, dark and full-bodied, Captain Morgan Private Stock blends hints of secret island spices with a smooth velvet texture. The craft of Caribbean rum-making is over 300 years old. Captain Morgan Private Stock is one the most sophisticated rums to come from this long-standing tradition. Build your own Captain Morgan gift basket now.
Captain Morgan Rum Pri...
SKU Captain Morgan Rum Privat
$31.99 DETAILS
Cruzan Banana Rum 750ml
SKU 4428665750
$18.99 DETAILS

Imported coconut flavored rum from the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A blend of Cruzan premium rum and natural fruit flavors. Clear. Medium-bodied. Flavors of coconut, banana and minerals. 'Wine Enthusiast' gives it a Best Buy rating. Good mixed with fruit juice, soda or Cruzan Pineapple Rum for a Pina Colada flavored drink.
Cruzan Coconut Rum 750ml
SKU 8068696771
$18.99 DETAILS

Dark rum imported from the Island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Triple distilled to insure a clean rum with the maximum removal of impurities. A blend of rums aged at least 2 years and as much as 4 years in charred oak bourbon barrels. Light to medium bodied with a slightly darker color than many other dark rums (this is due to the longer aging). Dry, clean taste with vanilla overtones
Cruzan Estate Rum Dark...
SKU 8068696746
$14.99 DETAILS

Light rum imported from the Island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Triple distilled to insure a clean rum with the maximum removal of impurities. A blend of rums aged at least 2 years and as much as 4 years in charred oak bourbon barrels. Light bodied with Chardonnay-like hues in color due to the aging in oak casks. Dry, clean taste with vanilla overtones
Cruzan Estate Rum Whit...
SKU 8068696765
$14.99 DETAILS

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of coconut? Tropical beaches? Nimble climbers with machetes? How about our beloved piña colada? Don Q Coco invokes all of these things. Using aged rum, natural essential flavor and extraction of real coconut, it's not just good for a flavored rum, it's a great rum, period. It's also useful wherever there are Bahama Mamas, Rum Runners, and some quality hammock time.
Don Q Coco Rum 750ml
SKU 8230175090
$15.99 DETAILS

Imported rum from the Serralles Distillery in Puerto Rico. The Serralles Distillery (which dates back to 1865) prides itself as one of the cleanest and greenest in the spirits industry. DonQ Cristal is a blend of light rums aged from 1 to 3 years in American white oak barrels. Smooth and clean with flavors of molasses. Winner of multiple awards and medals
Don Q Cristal Rum Silv...
SKU 8230175002
$12.99 DETAILS

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of coconut? Tropical beaches? Nimble climbers with machetes? How about our beloved piña colada? Don Q Coco invokes all of these things. Using aged rum, natural essential flavor and extraction of real coconut, it's not just good for a flavored rum, it's a great rum, period. It's also useful wherever there are Bahama Mamas, Rum Runners, and some quality hammock time.
Don Q Limon Rum 750ml
SKU 8230175056
$15.99 DETAILS

Freshly squeezed lime juice. Sugar. Muddled mint. Club soda. Don Q rum. The Mojito is such a simple recipe, but it's so integral to our heritage. Don Q Mojito bottles the essence of this famous cocktail using our aged rum and real mint leaves, so all you have to do is add a bit of club soda and garnish it with a lime wedge. Who knew the perfect Mojito took such little effort to make?
Don Q Mojito Rum 750ml
SKU 8230175080
$15.99 DETAILS

Don Q Gold is a favorite of those searching for a classic rum taste. With a similar production process to Cristal—but more flavor to punch up a traditional rum cocktail—it’s aged, smooth, and easy-to-drink. Our carbon filtration process removes impurities but leaves all the delicious rummy flavors. Give Gold a try when you’re being creative behind the bar.
Don Q Rum Gold 750ml
SKU 8230175001
$12.99 DETAILS

Passionfruit is every bit as sexy as its moniker; slightly sweet, citrusy, and with a golden yellow juice. Fortunately nature decided to grow these delicious things on our island, and we were smart enough to use them in Don Q Pasión. We infuse our premium aged rum with the natural essential flavor and extraction of real passionfruit, making a flavored rum that stands alone as well as it mixes with pineapple, guava, or peach nectar. Mix. Taste. Repeat.
Don Q Rum Passion 750ml
SKU 8230175060
$15.99 DETAILS

Cinnamon and nutmeg notes, spice, tropical fruit, pineapple, rambutans, figs, with char and leather notes intermingled with barrel oak, spices, a rich complex rum. Medium-bodied, with a medium, fruity but dry finish.
El Dorado Rum 5 Year 7...
SKU 1162900089
$20.99 DETAILS

This award-winning lightly aged rum is refined and blended to a smooth perfection, imparting a delicate subtlety of balanced flavours with an exotic freshness.
Bright and clear with a harmonious aroma, its versatility makes it the ideal mixer for long cool cocktails refreshingly simple or excitingly exotic.
El Dorado Rum White 750ml
SKU 1162900003

Brilliant amber color. Round, buttery caramel, dried cherry, and vanilla cake aromas follow through on a super, soft and supple entry to a dryish, creamy medium-to-full body with great balance and evenness of flavor. Finishes with a caramelized nut, banana bread toast, and delicate spice fade. A delicious, exquisitely balanced gold rum.
Flor De Cana Gold Rum ...
SKU 2696417719
$17.99 DETAILS

The only white rum in the market aged 4 years.

Dry, crystal clear and light bodied, making it perfect for tropical drinks
Flor De Cana White Rum...
SKU 2696490429
$16.99 DETAILS

A super high strength dark rum from Bermuda. Despite the 75.5% of Gosling's Black Seal 151, this is a very smooth rum, and it's utterly delicious. Well worth trying
Goslings Rum Black 151...
SKU 2109419915
$23.99 DETAILS

Today, Gosling Brothers is Bermuda's oldest business and Gosling's Black Seal Rum is Bermuda's number one export.
The flagship rum, a family tradition, has little changed in over 150 years. Gosling's Black Seal is still oak-aged and blended in restricted quantities at the same leisurely pace. No longer offered in champagne bottles sealed with black wax, from whence comes its name, the deep, dark rum still possesses the same smooth, rich, intricate flavor.
Goslings Rum Black Sea...
SKU 2109419905
$21.99 DETAILS

The Kraken Rum is strong, rich, black and smooth!

It's a great rounded rum and a bit of fun too! 

Probably the only spiced rum you can drink neat and also rocks with a splash of coke and a squeeze of lime
Kraken Spiced Rum 750ml
SKU 1153801302
$20.99 DETAILS

crafted with Caribbean Rum and infused with dark maraschino cherries for a full-bodied taste with a smooth, sweet finish.
Lola Belle Cherry Rum ...
SKU 1153801700
$23.99 DETAILS

Malibu Banana Rum. Rum’s not just a spirit, it’s a way of life.  That taste, that rhythm, that energy of the Caribbean: it’s in every bottle.  Add creamy banana flavor and you’ve got the perfect spirit for all occasions.
Malibu Rum Banana 750ml
SKU 8954049334
$22.99 DETAILS

Coconut-flavored rum imported from the Caribbean. Higher proof (70) and less sweet than regular Malibu. Aromas and flavors of bold rum with a hint of coconut and vanilla. Mix with cola for a 'Black and Cola.'
Malibu Rum Black 750ml
SKU 8954052010
$24.99 DETAILS

Pineapple flavored rum created at the West Indies Rum Distillery at Brighton, Black Rock in Barbados. Malibu Caribbean Rum is aged in oak barrels for 1-2 years then blended with pineapple and sugar to create Malibu Pineapple.
Malibu Rum Pineapple 7...
SKU 8954046313
$22.99 DETAILS

It begins with the recipe, developed from centuries of Guatemalan tradition. Montecristo Rum’s natural amber color and rich velvety texture, complimented by vanilla and honey overtones, are created using charred American oak barrels previously used for bourbon. Montecristo is hand blended by master distillers to create exceptional flavor alone, on the rocks, or in any mixed cocktail.
Montecristo Rum Spiced...
SKU 3007600126
$19.99 DETAILS

Blended dark rum from Barbados. A blend of single and double distilled rums which are aged in hand-crafted, charred oak Kentucky bourbon barrels for five to twelve years. The single distilled rum add aromatic notes of oak and vanilla. The double distilled rum brings notes of vanilla, apricot and banana. Light bodied, smooth with rich oak character. Can be served neat, on the rocks, with soda or your favorite mixer
Mount Gay Black 100 750ml
SKU 8723695038
$32.99 DETAILS

Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, the brand flagship and the epitome of tradition in the art of rum making in Barbados and the English-speaking Caribbean, was created in Barbados in 1910 to please the palates of connoisseurs the world over. It is believed that the name was selected to celebrate a total eclipse of the sun that occurred in that year
Mount Gay Eclipse 750ml
SKU 8723695003
$22.99 DETAILS

Aside from the differences in tone, dark rums are distinguished from light rums by their strong flavors, particularly the robust molasses or caramel overtones. Myers's Original Dark is considered to be a grade darker than any dark rum.
Myers Dark Jamaica Rum...
SKU 877130
$26.99 DETAILS

51 cachaca from Brazil is a liquor made from distilled sugar cane juice. While rum is distilled from molasses, cachaca is distilled directly from the juice of the unrefined sugar cane. Prior to distillation the juice ferments in a wood or copper container for three weeks and is then boiled down three times to a concentrate. Cachaça is always distilled in such a way that the scent of sugar cane and inimitable flavor typical of rum are retained
Pirassununga Cachaca L
SKU 7896002108133
$21.99 DETAILS

Pyrat XO Reserve is a select blend of fine, 15 year old Caribbean rums. 

It's smooth taste and delicious flavour is complimented by it's rich amber color. 

Pyrat XO Reserve is excellent over ice with a twist of lemon or as an ingredient in a premium rum drink.
Pyrat Rum Xo 750ml
SKU 2173310002
$29.99 DETAILS

Matsusalem Platino, a premium white rum, is a unique blend of triple-distilled, hand-crafted spirits, joined in a special process, and filtered and refined to create a rum exceptionally clean taste, delicate balance and subtle flavor. Presented in distinctive packaging emphasizing the rum’s heritage.  Platino is a discerning trade up for standard rum drinkers and a sophisticated alternative to premium vodka drinkers.
R Matusalem Rum Platin...
SKU 2105917750
$18.99 DETAILS

This is a “Superior Blend” from a select group of premium rums aged naturally for up to four years in American oak barrels. Its smooth golden tones and soft aroma can be enjoyed straight or wisely mixed.
Ron Barcelo Rum Anejo ...
SKU 5698100010
$17.99 DETAILS

Light and crystal-clear, this rum is aged for a year in oak barrels. Its character represents the product that most directly takes us back to the sugar cane fields of the Caribbean. A fantastic addition to any cocktail.
Ron Barcelo Rum Blanco...
SKU 5698100032
$11.99 DETAILS

Smooth and ready-to-mix, this rum shows an enticing golden hue. It is aged naturally in oak barrels for at least 18 months. Mostly mixed to obtain the cocktails of your choice
Ron Barcelo Rum Dorado...
SKU 5698100001
$11.99 DETAILS

Columbia’s finest rum, developed with the secrets of the Caribbean and the traditions of Spain.  The aristocratic lineage and aging in oak casks produce the smooth taste, body and flavor of Ron Viejo De Caldas.
Ron Viejo Caldas Anejo...
SKU 8832063004
$15.99 DETAILS

RumChata® is rum cream made as an authentic replica of the best Horchata you have ever tasted. It is made from scratch using real ingredients - rice, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. This is Real Horchata, not an imitation flavored horchata beverage.
Rum Chata 750ml
SKU Rum Chata 750ml
$22.99 DETAILS

Blend of the finest Carribbean rums with natural fruit flavors.
Rum Jumbie 750ml
SKU 6149410003
$24.99 DETAILS

Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins, the father of old school tattooing, constantly sought to reinvent himself.

The taste is less sweet, allowing the vanilla and natural spices to come through. The label has a Hula Girl centre stage, reflecting the legacy of the Norman Collins.

Best served over ice with cola or ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime
Sailor Jerry Rum Liter
SKU 8366486837
$26.99 DETAILS

Wray and Nephew is a versatile product and when used correctly the brands complex bouquet and delivery of unique flavour characteristics make it an excellent base for cocktails and a must in punches
Wray & Nephew Overproo...
SKU 3619103640
$20.99 DETAILS
Rum - Taste the Difference
Rum - Taste the Difference
So refreshing, so mixable, so good. We have put together a selection of popular rums to enhance your gift basket. The taste differences between inexpensive and high-end rums is quite noticeable. When it comes to a light rum that is to be used in mixed drinks, you can get by with spending less money, if you choose. But, when it comes to the darker rums, you really can taste the difference. Light brown rum has a much less distinctive smokey molasses taste and is best used for mixing in fruit drinks such as daiquiris or used in drinks such "rum and coke". Darker rums and aged rums are best served straight over ice.
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